Emergencies: Bugs. Mites. Root rot. Dehydration. Mold. Weird things on the leaves. Depression. They happen, don't freak out. Bring it in and hopefully we can add it to our catalogue of revived patients.


Checkups: Plants definitely benefit from the occasional checkup! We see plants who have a couple of weird spots, aren't growing, drop the occasional leaf, are yellowing and/or browning, or anything else causing their owner low-key concern. Come in for a tune-up any time we're open. 


Repotting: There's no need to buy a giant bag of dirt if you're repotting a single plant. Until the dirt industry addresses this issue, we'll happily repot a plant for you. You can BYOP or buy a no-frills terra-cotta pot, a contemporary ceramic piece, or a vintage planter. If you want your plant to live in something neat that isn't technically a planter, we look for any excuse to responsibly drill holes in things for proper drainage.


We want plants to be healthy and humans to breathe easy. Plant Clinic has no official hours or appointments, just pop in and we'll take a look. If you'd rather make an appointment, call us at (773) 944-0302 or send an email to