Foyer Landing


We're a small shop in Andersonville dedicated to bringing plants, flowers, and other beautiful things to apartments, offices, lobbies, rooftops, studios, vestibules, treehouses,  clubhouses, powder rooms, coffeeshops, and anywhere else they might be needed or appreciated.

Store Hours

Mon, Wed, Fri: 11 am - 7pm, Sat: 12am - 8pm, Sun: 12am - 7pm

Questions? Give us a ring: (773) 944-0302

Foyer Shop is a safe space for contrite plant-killers, persons on hunt for a bouquet, and honest citizens looking for a notebook. We're always looking for useful tools, inventive gifts, lovely things, and other curiosities--drop by and see if there's something here for you.   

Need flowers? Of course! We can help you impress, apologize, or surprise with a bouquet, or make a plan to beautify your space with regular deliveries. If you want to stop in, buy a single flower, and enjoy it all by yourself without sharing, we support that too.