Foyer Shop

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Foyer Shop is here to convert the plant-curious, encourage beginners, and reassure anyone harboring guilt about a checkered history with their houseplants. We firmly believe that no one is 'bad with plants', there's no such thing as a brown thumb, and you should stop beating yourself up about that succulent three years ago. Like an ex-girlfriend or those shorts you never wear, it just didn't work out.

The shop is resource for good, well-intentioned citizens who have struggled with a stubborn, listless, or insubordinate plant. We welcome anyone curious about what a little greenery can do for your space, confirmed plant hoarders, and experienced urban gardeners. We specialize in hearty, low maintenance plants, and we're happy to help you pick the right one for your space. If your plant is sulking, ailing, or acting out, bring it back in for a check-up and we'll see what we can do! You can take home your plant in its original pot, or we can repot it for you in one of many vintage planters or contemporary ceramics. 

Drop by, tell us about the space you'd like to liven up, and we'll help you find a better match. You can always bring a plant back in for a check-up or a replacement--we're here to help!


What else is in Foyer? We've got stationery, tools, trinkets, and treasures. Oh, and there's a cat. He's a rascal who loves bellyrubs. Stop by and find something interesting, or just enjoy the space. We have an eclectic mix of products and we love new finds, but we're proud to always carry products from L!fe Stationery, Hightide, Silvine Stationery, Atoma, Ellepi, Poketo, Paperways, Areaware, O-Check, MT Tape, Standard Wax, Graham Keegan, Humble + Stone, Alwych All Weather Notebooks, Old Crown Mill, and Bindewerk. If you have any specific questions about a product, want to place a special order, or are just feeling curious, ask away at!