Foyer Floral

We think plants are delightful. If you've ended up here you might feel the same way. So here's a look at some of the charming little green folks we have at Foyer. 



Mrs. Winter had an acute sense of the sweetness of life and the preciousness of the passing moment. Her existence was ordered so that each moment, day by day, was as pleasant as possible. Fresh flowers in one’s bedroom in the morning with a slight pleasure, but an easy and unfailing one.
— Youngblood Hawke


We're pleased carry fresh cut flowers along with plants, paper, and treasure. We pick out the flowers ourselves and the blooms vary according on demand, availability, and the amount of impulse control we were able to exercise while purchasing. If you're curious about what we have in stock, get in touch by phone or email or find us on Instagram.  


Ready to Go:

We offer pre-arranged bouquets in four sizes so you can waltz in and waltz out. Pick out your favorite and we'll send you off with a hydration wrap and some old-school brown paper to get it home safe.   

IMG_5407 (1).jpg

On the Spot:

If you're feeling pickier, we'll happily make a custom arrangement with whatever we have in stock. If you just want a stem or two, we can do that too



If you have something specific in mind, get in touch a few days before your event/grand gesture/apology so we can make sure we have what you need. If you're fond of a certain flower or have a special request, let us know and we'll do our best to have it in stock.



If you'd like regular arrangements for your business or home, that's very classy and we'd be happy to help.

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 11.18.18 AM.png


Since holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries happen every year no matter what, we offer scheduled deliveries for the dates important to you. We can write out a message or you can choose a greeting card from the shop. You can drop off a card or a note at the store and we'll keep it on file. We'll remind you 3 days in advance before we send anything out to avoid awkward situations/rom-com plots.