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Fill your space with green...

Foyer Design brings the joys and benefits of greenery out of the shop and into your space with customized plant and planter styling services. We work with you to find plants that suit your space, your life, and your vision, with all the flexibility you need.

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Private Clients

Interior plant styling tailored for your space

An initial in-house consultation gives us a sense of your space and your needs. We assess the light and the layout to create a selection of plants that will brighten your space. We go through essentials like how often you travel, if you have curious pets, and anything else that will help us find the right greens for you. We give you plenty of choices based on the consultation, and when you've picked your favorites, we send you a selection of planters that match your style. Finally, we properly re-pot your new plants in their planters, and place them in your apartment. Every plant comes with a customized care tag that sits discretely in the planter, and you're always welcome to reach back out with questions or concerns. 



Brighten your workspace, bring green to your business

We'll work alongside your business to find low-maintenance plants and planters to match the aesthetic of your workspace. Reach out to brighten up your lobby or front of house, create a pleasant experience for customers, clean the surrounding air, and make a pleasant working environment for your employees. 


Plants as needed 

Foyer Design offers plants for short term rental, including placement, delivery, and pick-up, for photo shoots, open houses, pop-up stands, and any other event with a life span shorter than a succulent. If you want a plant for an occasion, but not for the rest of your life, you can choose from a wide selection, and pass it off when you're done. 

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