care tips


Michael Simmons

Emerald Gem (homalomena): (next to doggo in top photo):

This one will tolerate anything but bright direct sunlight. It will surivive in very low light but become a little sad looking, so save your darkest corner for the snake plant. Water it about once a week. The two important things to know about the Emerald Gem are that 1) they're one of the few plants where a yellow leaf means "more water please!" and not "oh my god, less water" and 2) they get upset if the water is cold, so use lukewarm water and avoid using the ice cube technique. If you accidentally go too long without watering it, it will do a very dramatic faint, but it will perk up again after watering. 


Golden Pothos (back of the wagon):

This is the "go ahead and try to kill me" plant. Very hardy, and will put up with a ton of neglect, it's just happy to have a home. You can even try very bright direct sunlight, just keep an eye on the leaves and make sure they're not browning. They have a shallow root system, which means it's better to underwater than overwater. Try and keep it moist but it's better to let it dry out a bit than to water it too much. I would say check that one once a week to see where it stands, if it feels very dry, go ahead and water it, if it feels moist, give it another few days. Definitely not more than once a week. 



Like the snake plant, but opposite light conditions. Put it in your sunniest window and forget about it. I can't remember what size you bought, but wait till the soil is a very light brown and the pot feels light before you water it. I water them about every two weeks. 


Remember you can always bring them in for a check up or send us a picture on IG if you're worried about them. 



Snake Plant (sansevieria):

snake plants are a great low light plant, but it can tolerate medium light as well. You can stick them in a corner and they will be totally happy. You'll get the best results with this plant if you just sort of...forget about it. Let the soil dry out completlely between waterings, right now I water mine about once a month, you might find you have to do it a little more often in the summer as it heats up, but go by the soil and not by a hard and fast rule. For this one, try and avoid getting the leaves wet when you do water it. You can fertilize it once a month if you like, but if your goal is to just have a nice plant and not grow a giant plant, and  you're happy with it in that planter, there's no need to, really. 

Janice Phillips

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